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Music Videos

These colorful music videos feature original songs and instrumentals by Danny Sullivan.
If you see a gray box for the thumbnail, it means the song hasn't been released quite yet.

JUL. 28, 2023

An energetic, guitar-driven Indie Rock song by Danny Sullivan that explores essence and appearance.

This is the thumbnail for "In The Outside" by Danny Sullivan.

JUL. 20, 2023

What tale will be told of us when we are gone? Only time will tell.

This is the visualizer and lyric video for "Our Tale Will Be Told", a psychedelic alt-rock / indie-rock song by Danny Sullivan. With plenty of swirling guitars and percussion, this psych rock tune will transport you across time and space.

At every moment we are marching towards the future. We each have the power to change the path. What we can't control are the tales told about us by others, especially once we are gone. People who were considered great during their time periods may be looked upon as villains from a future perspective. And vice versa. The stories that are told rarely capture the full truth. We must not take the stories we are told at face value.

This is the thumbnail for "Our Tale Will Be Told" by Danny Sullivan.

JUL. 11, 2023

This is perhaps my first of many high-quality music videos to come in the future. I had a lot of fun making this video and messing with the effects. I hope you'll give me some feedback in the comments! I plan to only make better and better music videos without an amateurish DIY aesthetic.

As for the song, it started as a Rhodes piano melody. A little bit of vibing and dancing was my goal (the goal was achieved). I needed a quick introduction to get people interested so I brought in the heavy toms and EQ sweep to start things off. The inspiration for the tom intro came from Poolside's "Do You Believe?", which I first fell in love with when I heard it in GTA 5 many years ago.

Once the basic melodic structure was sorted out, I worked on the drum samples. I wanted something bright and bouncy, that would move the song along and keep it interesting. I did a lot of panning on the percussion and cymbals to give it a sort of swirly effect. All the movement definitely added to the vibe, I think. I'm proud of how the drums turned out. Crisp, yet not too present as to take away from the rest of the instrumentation.

I thickened up the chorus with some simple guitar riffs repeated over and over and drenched in effects. They essentially acted as rhythm instruments like drums. Of course, I threw some more panning on them to add more movement. Basically, I wanted people who listened to this song to physically be unable to sit still. Feet will tap. Heads will bob. Bodies will move. That's the goal at least!

This is the thumbnail for "Can't Say Goodbye To You" by Danny Sullivan.

JUN. 30, 2023

Looking to break free from the monotony of office life? Your search ends here! Discover the ultimate work tune that will energize your day and transport you to a musical escape.

This song is an anthem for all the hardworking individuals stuck in office jobs, tirelessly grinding away while their sanity hangs by a thread. Get ready to be uplifted! With its infectious guitar riffs, soulful Rhodes piano keys, and captivating percussion, this track effortlessly blends the genres of pop and indie rock, delivering a refreshing sound. I would classify it as somewhere between pop and indie rock. Enjoy!

This is the thumbnail for "Offices" by Danny Sullivan.

JUN. 19, 2023

"Rule Over The Ashes" is an electrifying and adrenaline-fueled semi-instrumental rock anthem composed by the talented Danny Sullivan. With a blazing tempo of 159 BPM, this high-octane rock masterpiece is guaranteed to set your senses on fire. The driving force of distorted guitars, accompanied by a pulsating bass synth, creates a head-banging experience that will leave you craving for more. Prepare to be captivated by the raw power of the choir vocal chants, which penetrate deep into your soul, igniting an exhilarating rush of energy.

This gem combines the best elements of energetic rock, making it a must-listen for fans of hard-hitting music. Immerse yourself in the heart-pounding rhythms and infectious melodies that will have you instantly hooked. Whether you're seeking a musical adrenaline rush or a soundtrack to your thrilling adventures, "Rule Over The Ashes" delivers the perfect blend of intensity and excitement.

Elevate your rock music experience by delving into the dynamic soundscape of "Rule Over The Ashes." Unleash your inner rock aficionado and join the ranks of passionate music enthusiasts who have discovered the energizing power of this enthralling composition. Get ready to embark on an epic sonic journey that will leave you exhilarated, pumped up, and craving for more. Rock on!

This is the thumbnail for "Rule Over The Ashes" by Danny Sullivan.

JUN. 10, 2023

Get ready to groove to the infectious beats of "We Can't Go Back," a captivating danceable indie rock/pop song by Danny Sullivan that will have you hooked from the first note. With a perfect blend of guitars, synth bass, electric drums, and harmonious vocals, this track will transport you to a world of musical bliss.

This song captures the essence of longing for a simpler past while acknowledging the impossibility of returning to those moments. It resonates with anyone who has ever yearned for a time when life seemed easier.

This is the thumbnail for "We Can't Go Back" by Danny Sullivan.
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