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  • Danny Sullivan

A Homeless Man Is Always At Home

I first got the idea for this song while looking out of a window at the gym. I saw a man walking on the side of the highway who appeared to be homeless. He had a backpack on and a sleeping bag around his shoulder. He was carrying his home on his back. Home was wherever he decided it to be. Because he had no home, everywhere was his home. Because he had no center, everywhere became his center. This is the essence of being one with everything. There is no center to your being that can define you as a separate "one". One with all the ones.


They think that I'm insane

Don't look at me the same

They shoot me with their shame

Though we all share the same game

The one with all the ones

I'm one with all the ones

My home is not a place

An ordinary state

'Cause my home is on my back

And my world is in a bag

The one with all the ones

Well I'm one with all the ones

I've made my own mistakes

I owe them to this day

But I'm still dreamin'

To find the meaning

The one with all the ones

I'm one with all the ones


This music video features a lot of colorful "memojis". Side note: I think this song sounds really cool at 1.5x speed.


The lyrics talk about feeling misunderstood and judged by others, expressing a sense of isolation and homelessness even when physically present. The singer reflects on making mistakes and searching for the meaning of life, while carrying their world in a bag. Despite past errors, there is a persistent dream of finding purpose and connection. The song conveys emotions of loneliness, introspection, and resilience.

Lyrical Moods:

Introspective (80), Lonely (70), Resilient (60), Reflective (50), Hopeful (40)

Lyrical Themes:

Isolation (80), Homelessness (70), Self-discovery (60), Mistakes (50), Search for meaning (40)

Musical Moods:

Melancholic (80), Relaxed (70), Reflective (60), Mellow (50), Soothing (40)


Guitar, Drums


Song Title: A Homeless Man Is Always At Home

Artist: Danny Sullivan

Album: Slave Music Song Release Date: April 4, 2024


We Can't All Be Alone

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