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If Time Was Space

Release Date:

JAN. 6, 2023

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"If Time Was Space" is a rock song (with psychedelic and indie elements) by Athens, GA musician Danny Sullivan. At 88 BPM, this calm and relaxed song features guitars 🎸, drums 🥁, and catchy harmonic vocals 🎤.

I wrote this song while thinking about the divisions between the people of this time. Out of all possible times we could have existed in, we're all living at this exact moment in history. Yet, this universal similarity is overlooked and petty differences are played up. Geographical region, religious beliefs, and political party membership separate us, even though we're all united at this point in time. If time was space, we'd all be sharing one point together. We can fall back on this idea when we find ourselves feeling division/hatred towards others. It's not much, but it's something that unites all of us.

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