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You Only See What They Want You To See

Release Date:

MAR. 17, 2022

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You Only See What They Want You To See is an energetic indie rock song by musician Danny Sullivan. It describes the screens that are put up to keep you from the truth. These screens could be external or internal. Others may lie to you or you may lie to yourself. You are your best deceiver, after all. However, it is possible to look past the screens to see reality if you are able to suspend your preconceived notions. By distancing yourself from the incessant drumming of others (or your own false beliefs), you get one step closer to marching to the beat of your own drum.

This song features keys 🎹, guitars 🎸, drums 🥁, and vocals 🎤. At an upbeat 97 BPM, this track will have you vitalized and invigorated.

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