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You Died, Now What?

Release Date:

NOV. 14, 2022

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"You Died, Now What?" is an indie rock song by Athens, GA musician Danny Sullivan. It features guitars 🎸, Rhodes keys 🎹, percussion 🥁, and vocals 🎙.

Without a source of light, there are no shadows. The two are inextricable. If the angle of the light changes, the shape of the shadow changes. If you remove all of the light in a room, you remove all of the shadows.

In life, light takes precedence over the shadows. We live our lives based on what the light brings to our attention. The shadows are derivative of the faces of the object being shone upon. They are secondary pieces of information that give us a fuller perception (i.e. they add another dimension to our perception). In death, shadows may be the guide and the light only a secondary companion.

The death I am referring to does not have to be the so-called final goodnight. At every stage of human transformation, there are corresponding deaths - of perceptions, habits, prejudices, etc. By bringing light to the shadows within yourself or within your object of interest you can see them "in a new light", thus changing their shape. This is the essence of rebirth, going from darkness into light. There are innumerable rebirths to occur, as shining light on one shadow extinguishes it momentarily yet creates a new shadow to replace it in a different location.

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