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The Weight Of Fate

Release Date:

NOV. 4, 2022

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"The Weight Of Fate" is an indie pop/rock song by musician Danny Sullivan. At 110 BPM, it features plenty of percussion 🥁, guitars 🎸, Rhodes keys 🎹, and harmonious vocals 🎤. I wrote this song after thinking a bit about Fate and whether our destiny is chosen for us or if we can choose it. We couldn't control what we inherited, nor could we control what we were educated with as youths. But we CAN control our self-education to a large extent. We can choose to accept, unlearn, or overcome our deficits.

Dreams give us insight into which parts of us we've been neglecting or faking. They reveal truths that our minds couldn't handle in full consciousness. They guide us to see our possibilities. We are not locked into who we are in our waking state. The "real" you may actually exist as the sum of all these possibilities.

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