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Somebody Else

Release Date:

JUN. 28, 2022

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"Somebody Else" is an energetic, yet chill indie song by Danny Sullivan. It's a reminder that you could be somebody else. You are different from who you were in the past. You will continue to change as your life unfolds. Hopefully, these changes set free your true self. In addition, this song is a call to empathy. The person you see who is struggling is who you could have been if your circumstances were the same as theirs. Much like you, their past has guided them to where they are today. Finally, this song is a call to self-belief and bold action. Do not rely on somebody else to make the change for you. Be that somebody.

This song features orchestral synths 🎻 and guitars 🎸 with spectral glide effects (wah-wah), bouncy percussion 🥁, and harmonic washed-out vocals 🎤. At an upbeat 114 BPM, this tune should get you up, moving, and feeling a bit better.

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