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Reality Optional

Release Date:

FEB. 20, 2023

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"Reality Optional" is an electronic instrumental song by Danny Sullivan, a musician from Athens, GA. At a mild 93 BPM, it features multiple synths 🎹, digital orchestration 🎺, and drums 🥁.

There are options when it comes to reality. What is called "reality" is merely the common perception of what we are experiencing. It does not mean it is the truth. Much like the earth being the center of the solar system was the common reality until the 17th century, when the geocentric model was proven false.

There are aspects of our current time which we take for granted which are patently false. It will only become clear with time what those aspects are. Great minds with foresight can see the greater truth before it becomes common. Sadly, in their own times, they may be called "out of touch with reality."

It is the duty of every person who considers themself a free thinker to question the "reality" that is presented to them - that is *present* to them. What is accepted as truth is not necessarily the Truth, so we must each keep poking and prodding until the false facades fracture and the Truth is revealed.

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