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Cure Of Souls

Release Date:

AUG. 22, 2022

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"Cure Of Souls" is an upbeat, energetic drum and bass song by Danny Sullivan. At a quick 160.181 BPM, it features fast-paced percussion 🥁, distorted and reversed guitars 🎸, synth bass 🎹, and harmonic vocals 🎤.

People can sell you the cure or you can make it yourself. People can impose their solutions on you or you can search for the answers yourself. The Truth has a way of making itself heard if you remain open to hearing it. To close yourself up in a silent cocoon of comfort may provide temporary relief, but eventually, you must emerge if you are to experience the next stage of life. People always speak the Truth if you listen from a position of openness. The surface level may be a lie, but underneath, Truth is always found.

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