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Can't Say Goodbye To You

Release Date:

JUL. 11, 2023

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This is perhaps my first of many high-quality music videos to come in the future. I had a lot of fun making this video and messing with the effects. I hope you'll give me some feedback in the comments! I plan to only make better and better music videos without an amateurish DIY aesthetic.

As for the song, it started as a Rhodes piano melody. A little bit of vibing and dancing was my goal (the goal was achieved). I needed a quick introduction to get people interested so I brought in the heavy toms and EQ sweep to start things off. The inspiration for the tom intro came from Poolside's "Do You Believe?", which I first fell in love with when I heard it in GTA 5 many years ago.

Once the basic melodic structure was sorted out, I worked on the drum samples. I wanted something bright and bouncy, that would move the song along and keep it interesting. I did a lot of panning on the percussion and cymbals to give it a sort of swirly effect. All the movement definitely added to the vibe, I think. I'm proud of how the drums turned out. Crisp, yet not too present as to take away from the rest of the instrumentation.

I thickened up the chorus with some simple guitar riffs repeated over and over and drenched in effects. They essentially acted as rhythm instruments like drums. Of course, I threw some more panning on them to add more movement. Basically, I wanted people who listened to this song to physically be unable to sit still. Feet will tap. Heads will bob. Bodies will move. That's the goal at least!

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